I can translate complex scientific ideas into accessible and easy to read articles.

My name is Alex Reis and I’m a freelance writer who loves writing about science. I regularly write about the latest scientific discoveries from around the world and I have articles published in a variety of magazines and blogs.

In addition, I also write material to support science-based projects from a variety of organisations and businesses, including social media, blog posts, press releases and website content.

If you need complex scientific ideas translated into accessible and easy to read articles, then you came to the right place. With a degree and a PhD in biology combined with over 9 years as a science writer, I’m in a perfect position to create accurate and informative pieces on a wide range of science topics.

Over the years, I've written hundreds of different articles, from short blog posts to featured stories explored with depth and focus. Recently. I've also started writing podcasts and scripts for video animations.

Be it a 500-word blog, a 1,000-word feature article or a 5,000-word grant application, I can adapt my writing to the style and tone needed to attract the right audience. If you would like to discuss further send me an email and we can arrange a chat over the phone.

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