About me

A journey from the lab to science writing

I was hooked on science from a very early age.
Somewhere along a degree, a PhD and a few years in medical research, I also discovered a love for writing. In 2012 I decided that I needed a slight change of career. I’m now a full-time freelance science writer, with a particular passion for biology, genetics and animal behaviour. If you’re curious about my path from lab rat to science writer, I’ve written an article about it!
After moving around in the UK for a while, I currently live with my husband and two young children in the Highlands of Scotland. When not working, I can be found trying to get friendly with the ‘locals’, from deer to seals, otters or even sea eagles, or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Nothing is too complex...

My background is in biology, so anything to do with animals has a special place in my heart. I’ve written many articles in this field, including about clever crows, virtual reality for mice and the secrets of purring cats.
However, reality is I love learning and writing about science and no areas are off limits. I’ve done articles about cancer immunotherapy, new forms of renewable energy and the impact of plagiarism in research.
At the moment, I seem to be particularly drawn to unusual uses of new technologies in a research/medical setting, and I’ve covered this area in several articles, including a look at the idea of a DNA computer and uses of low-tech in hospitals in the developing world.
I love learning new topics, so if you've got something we could develop and work on together, please contact me.