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My work

If you need complex scientific ideas translated into accessible and easy to read articles, then you came to the right place. With a degree and a PhD in biology combined with over 5 years as a science writer, I’m in a perfect position to create accurate and informative pieces on a wide range of science topics.

This could be regular updates on your blog that readers will come back again and again to read; or feature articles for your magazine or newsletter, explored with depth and focus to create content that will have the right impact with your customers.

Whether you're looking for a 500-word blog, a 1,000-word feature article or a 5,000-word grant application, I can adapt my writing to the style and tone needed to attract your main audience. If you would like to discuss further send me an email and we can arrange a chat over the phone.


Let me help you enhance your story with engaging and exciting writing. I can create web material, blog posts, feature articles or any kind of content you need for your science projects. Got an idea for a blog post or need a feature article for your newsletter? Get in touch!

Grants and reports

Combining my time as a research scientist and as a science writer, I have over 10 years experience writing various types of grant proposals and reports. If there’s funding that you think can help your science project move forward, I can help you write the grant proposal to get it.


An interview may be just what your blog/newsletter needs to keep your readers interested. During my time as a science writer, I’ve conducted many interviews, from top scientists around the world to quirky artists! I can honestly say it has become one of the favourite aspects of my work. See my portfolio for a few examples.


Did you know that your readers are much more likely to remember your message if presented with images rather than just text? The answer for this is infographics! I can develop interesting ideas for your next infographic, as well as research the information needed and design eye-catching material.

Your idea

I am available to discuss any needs you may have, including research, writing or editing, be it a long-term project, a one-off article or something in between. If you have a project that you think i may be able to help, then get in touch and we can have a chat over the phone.

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